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Ray Montoya


PO Box 150
Middleton, ID 83644


Thanks for the kind words! We always appreciate your encouragement and the Lord's blessings.
From Tamie in Jerome, Idaho
Ray & Family - It was wonderful to see you all again at AOG camp this year. As usual you rocked the house with Praise and Worship of our Lord God. Thank you so much for all for your giving natures and for connecting with the kids. Praise the Lord for your love of Him. Hopefully we will see you at the Block Party in July. Praise be His name! Love Tamie

From The Ramirez Family in Kimberly, Idaho
I would like to thank you for coming and supporting Olivia. I am just sorry, because so many people promised Olivia they would be there to help/support her. The Harley Davidson groups all promised Olivia they would do something special for her. Only 1 group showed up only because they got a reminder the day before, and that was the first they heard about it. So it was a little emberassing.

Olivia did ask me later that day, why so many people did not show up. I told her I was not sure. She said it was probably the word "Jesus" day for sick children. I said I don't know. But I did tell her what you mentioned to me the day before, that even if God allows 5 people they would be blessed. How we so dearly hold those words so close to our hearts. Any way thank you so much for helping my baby girl out!!:)

I hope you can find Diego's page, and did mention on there about you guys, and your web page. God bless you always!! Love the Ramirez's

From Viola Bloch, Crop Walk Committee
Ray - Thank you for your music at the recent Crop Walk. We appreciated your time and your talents that you displayed. Let all of the group know that we appreciated them.

From Jon Randles of the Evangelistic Association in Frisco, Texas
Ray - It was great to work with you and your band during the conference in Burley and Rupert. I especially enjoyed your worship. Your wife is also a blessing, her sign language gifts are incredible – she preaches! Keep up the good work. Ray, I look forward to serving with you again! I’m praying for you and your ministry.

Your Friend, Jon

From Lost
I had been wandering away from the Lord. I took my brother to the park and saw the bands playing, then this band came on and they started singing and a couple of songs stopped me and froze time. I felt like I was in contact with God again. I didn’t want that time to end and I never want them forgotten. Then a girl started singing "Send Me an Angel". The words keep popping back in my mind, that was awesome and it touched me in a way beyond words.

Tell that band they did an awesome job and tell the girl who was singing Bravo, Bravo she touched someone who was and is lost and brought back this amazing memory of a man who died for us. I would have never thought about Jesus directly or any of this if it wasn’t for her.

From Rhonda in Iowa
I also wanted to let u know that your music has touched many people that I work with. Last nite @ the hospital I work @ the Lord called one of his childeren home. She was only 20 years old and was diagnosed with cancer in Feb of this year. It was odd that I took the Cd that u sent us to work and when I got to the report room the day staff informed us that this young lady was not doing well.

As nurses we have a hard time dealing with death but with someone so young and with her mom being employed 4 us it makes it that much harder. I got the Cd out and played Rachael's song Heaven's door. I want Rachael to know that the staff and family loved the song and it brought peace to all to know that this young girl is home.

So from my coworkers and from this family thank u. We cried until we had no more tears left. they think Rachael has an amazing voice. Keep writing and know that u have touched many people from far away. Say Hi to all and your family is always in our thoughts and prayers.

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