Music is one of the most effective tools to reach a generation. PSone50 has come together just for that reason, to reach this generation for Jesus. With worship songs and lyrics to meet anyone in any situation, we pray the music of PSone50 will bring each person that listens, to the feet of Jesus. It is our desire to worship wherever God leads us.



Ray Montoya Ray Montoya

Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

The best things in life are free! God demonstrated that by giving us the free gift of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.

I have been playing guitar and singing since high school. I was not doing it for the Lord back then, and I had to be half drunk and or high on pot to get up in front of people to do it. When I was a senior in high school, I was invited to a Christian rock concert. To make it short, I surrendered my life to Jesus that night. Now I use my musical talents to serve the Lord!

I have been a worship leader at several churches and bands and now with PS One 50. We play wherever God calls; including camps, revivals and prisons. I love God, my family, old hot rods and old VWs, water sports, and MUSIC! Now, years later, God has allowed me to be called a pastor with Conviction for Christ Ministries. Praise on!

Blessings and love,
Pastor Ray Ray

Steve VanBuren Steve VanBuren

Lead and Rhythm Guitar

I was born at a young age... On a stormy night in Greenville South Carolina, 1968 but we moved to Boise when I was 2. Jesus came into my life by invitation when I was 5. Baptized some years later my life didn't change a lot, I grew up getting along in this Christian home but doing my own thing. Drinking, drugs, girls, rock and roll, I let it all take me where it was going to; self destruction.

On acid and other stuff I took a Midnight Ride down Federal Way the flames jumped 30 feet or so in the air I couldn't look at the road we were driving in hell in the car people driving I met that night just as stoned as I was we could have driven right off the road and into death.

The Holy Spirit's message to me was clear "You've worked so hard to run away ok this is what alone feels like" I believe God did "leave me alone" for a minute, (though I know he was still there). My mom used to say "Stephen the Lord will always give you enough rope to hang yourself." at the end ... of my rope I decided to "Come Home."

At youth camp that summer I surrendered my life to Christ. I graduated from Nampa Christian in 87 later graduating from Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College in 93. In giving my life to Jesus my rockin' on the broomstick turned into rockin' the guitar. I've been involved in leading worship from my college days till today. During my years at Bridgepoint Church a need arose for more bass players I picked it up and recently PS One 50 asked me to join their team.

Proverbs 3:5-6 is my life verse; it tells us to "trust in the Lord with all your heart ... And He will direct your path." Trust Him, It's Worth It.

Scott Weathers Scott Weathers

Bass Guitar

Saved by the blood of Christ since a little boy. Married for over 24 yrs, father of 3. I work as a First Sergeant for the Idaho Air National Guard. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northwest Nazarene University. Worship Leader at Bridgepoint Church in Boise, ID.

My wife and I have our own band, “Little You/Little Me”, we play at local venues like coffee shops and music festivals. In addition to the bass I play guitar (acoustic and electric), the Ukulele, and some keys. I’m also a big NASCAR fan.

Ty Collado Ty Collado


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